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UISAT operates with a distinct sense of purpose, firmly rooted in a set of guiding values and principles. Unlike many of our counterparts in the IT consulting and services industry, who often exhibit rigidity and a short-term mindset.

We take a different path. Our pride lies in our reputation for delivering top-notch resources with a welcoming, adaptable, and responsive approach that fosters enduring client relationships

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Core Competencies

The core services we provide to our clients include project management and planning, business strategy & planning support database design & maintenance, data analytics and intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud services, database conversion/migration and custom software applications.

Cloud Services

Migrating our clients’ infrastructures and applications to the cloud is our specialty. Whether you choose public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud, our certified experts will help you plan, design, implement, and operate your new cloud environment to ensure your successful business outcomes.

Website/Web Presence Redesign

Our web presence redesign capabilities focus on revamping and rejuvenating this digital interface, ensuring it aligns with modern aesthetics, user behavior, and technological advancements. We leverage cutting-edge design principles, intuitive navigation structures, and responsive layouts to create a digital experience that resonates with your target audience.

Talent Solutions

We understand many companies’ obligation to employ local expertise where possible. To meet the technical staffing demands of complex projects, legacy data conversion, Oracle workloads, SOA, Cloud, Middleware, and Integration Services, the companies we work with rely on us to meet their ongoing demand for experienced technical specialists.

Digital Transformation

Digital modernization is shaping workplaces through new tools and business models. Our team evaluates your technology requirements and builds a conducive environment using a combination of existing COTS technology solutions and custom workflows.

Data Analytics and Intelligence

Data is a strategic asset for all federal agencies which can help them in making informed decisions that can save lives, spend taxpayer dollars efficiently, and detect and neutralize fraud. Our Data and Analytics solutions include Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Engineering, Visual Analytics, Data Science, and Chief Data & Analytics Officer Advisory Services.

Application Development

We practice Design Thinking to accelerate the application development lifecycle which helps our customers achieve Agile and DevSecOps adoption through ideation, quick prototypes, rapid iterations enabling faster operationalization of solutions. - Agile - DevSecOps - Microservices and APIs - Infrastructure as Code

AI & Data Science

We utilize advanced machine learning methods to ensure improved accuracy in our predictions to address the constantly changing needs of our clients. Our custom applications are consistent with and supportive of your strategy and goals.

IT Integration

We harness the power of technologies to support businesses in overcoming complex systems integration challenges.


We develop the proper channels, usage, and boundaries for all technologies our team develops to ensure a safe and secure solution for our clients.

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Our consultants take on client engagements quickly, developing strategies and analytical frameworks to implement solutions and support our clients in achieving operational success.

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UISAT's mission is to embrace its resources and provide excellent services to its clients by continuing to identify the right talent and technology and deliver excellence throughout their engagement with UISAT and beyond.

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